YOKOMO SDR-020 Superdrift SD2.0 Kit

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The tuning drift car SD series, which realizes various specifications by rearranging parts, evolves to the latest specification SD2.0. While keeping the basic design of graphite double-deck chassis and gear drive RWD down, the latest RWD drift style is further emphasized by thoroughly reviewing the weight balance and changing the front Ackermann ratio.

Technical data

Product data numerical value
full length 425mm
Width 198mm
wheel base 256mm
Secondary reduction ratio 1:2.6
Full equipment weight about 1500g

Assembled Chassis Kit Contents

item name
1 Superdrift SD2.0 Chassis
2 building instructions
3 shock oil
4 differential oil
5 tool

What you need before running

item name
1 2-channel radio set
(transmitter, receiver, speed controller, servo)
2 steering gyro
3 running battery
4 Charger for running battery
5 motor
6 drift tires
7 wheel
8 body
9 Polycarbonate paint for body painting


- 1/10 size RWD drift car
- Rear motor specifications
- Variable transmission with selectable 4 or 3 gears
- High-precision aluminum rear bulkhead
- The differential can be accessed simply by removing the rear bulk cap.
- Rear traction can be adjusted by differential height adjustment
- Separate chassis structure that enables change of bulkhead height
- Servo mount closer to the rear for a 3:7 weight balance
- Ackermann ratio setting with improved operability due to the new steering block
- New lightweight slide rack
- New rear hub carrier that enhances rear traction
- Graphite double-deck chassis


Graphite double deck chassis

Graphite double-deck chassis designed with the rear load in mind for drift driving. With a slim silhouette and overall leaning, it has a supple characteristic.

Lightweight front end

The front section deliberately adopts a resin bulkhead. By finishing the front part in a light weight, it has acquired a moderate front ground feeling and turning performance.

New steering block

Newly designed steering block to optimize the Ackermann ratio and increase the steering angle.

Lightweight slide rack

The lightweight slide rack rail held by 3 bearings also contributes to the weight reduction of the front. The steering response is enhanced and the handling is sharp.

Overwhelming cutting angle

It achieves the maximum cutting angle with the kit standard, and also supports deep drift angles. With almost parallel Ackermann ratio, smooth running is possible even on low-grip road surfaces such as P-tiles.

Rear mounted steering servo

Equipped with a servo behind the steering link crank. In addition, it supports the conventional bell crank system and front inverted servo installation.

Split rear section

The main chassis and the rear end of the upper deck are split to increase the flexibility of setting the rear section. Good maintainability.

Install the battery at the end

The running battery is for short size Li-po only. The battery position is set at the rear end, and the rear load is increased to gain traction. The weight distribution is front 3: rear 7 suitable for RWD drift cars.

Weight towards rear axle

Designed to maximize rear tire traction by mounting the motor high on the rear axle. The motor position can be rotated around the spur gear axis.

Aluminum rear bulkhead

The aluminum bulkhead has high precision and achieves high driving efficiency. It is possible to choose between 3 gears (positive torque) and 4 gears (anti-torque) by rearranging the gears.

Newly designed rear hub carrier

A new type of rear hub carrier that is set to roll more aggressively by reviewing the relationship between the axle and the suspension pin position.

Aluminum oil dampers and springs

Suspension that combines the well-established aluminum vehicle height adjustable oil damper with a special drift spring. The rear is equipped with a progressive spring as standard that absorbs vibration and enhances the feeling of grounding.

Did you know?

The tuning drift car SD series, which realizes various specifications by rearranging parts, evolves to the latest specification SD2.0.

YOKOMO SDR-020 Superdrift SD2.0 Kit

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