YOKOMO Drift Package 2WD GR Supra Body (White) RTR Full Set

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It is a complete set that covers everything that beginners tend to stumble, such as assembling the chassis, mounting RC equipment and painting the body. Based on the latest RWD drift car YD-2Z, 90% or more of the parts are used in common, so there are plenty of optional parts for upgrading as well as parts replacement due to damage or wear. Even when the driving level is improved, we can handle everything from maintenance to tuning.

Package Contents

- RTR full set that can be run immediately
- Excellent expandability based on the latest model YD-2Z
- 2.4GHz transmitter / receiver
- 27-turn motor for drift
- Equipped with steering gyro for drift
- Nickel-metal hydride 1600mAh battery
- AC quick charger
- PANDEM GR Supra Painted body
- Drift exclusive tires & wheels



The PANDEM GR Supra body, which is also popular as a drift car, is already painted and included. The windows and light decals are already attached, so you can drive immediately.

More than 90% of the parts that make up the chassis are the same as the base model YD-2Z, and not only spare parts but also abundantly released optional parts can be used, and expandability is perfect.

Comes with drift tires that anyone can easily enjoy sliding.

The traveling battery is a rechargeable type that can be used repeatedly. It also comes with a quick charger that can be charged from a household outlet, and you can enjoy running for about 20 minutes on a single charge.

A speed controller and steering gyro are also installed in advance, and initial settings and adjustments have been completed.

A high-angle steering system that realizes powerful driving. The overwhelming turning angle enhances controllability at deep drift angles.

By adjusting the mounting position of the motor mount, the height of the motor can be selected from 13 levels. You can bring out your favorite driving characteristics by changing the weight balance.

The gear case is a sealed type with high dust resistance. With a 3-split structure, the differential can be easily accessed by removing the rear cap, and maintenance is easy.

4-wheel independent suspension reminiscent of a real drift car. It absorbs vibrations from the road surface and enhances the grip.

It is possible to freely adjust the camber angle and toe angle by adjusting the turnbuckle. Various driving characteristics can be obtained according to the road surface conditions and the driver's preference.

Did you know?

This is a full set of RWD drift cars that we highly recommend to those who purchase a radio-controlled car for the first time or who are trying a drift radio-controlled model for the first time.

YOKOMO Drift Package 2WD GR Supra Body (White) RTR Full Set

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