Tahmazo Pro.C Max HV75A ESC

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Tahmazo Pro.C Max speedcontrollers are versatile and easy-to-program. Pro.C Max speedcontrollers deliver amazing performance for model aircraft, boats, cars and helicopters - 'All-in-one' speedcontrollers.

Features of the Tahmazo Pro.C Max speedcontrollers include:
  • Safe Start Function (SSF) prevents accidental propeller rotation until the speedcontroller is deliberately 'armed'.
  • Anti-Spark (ASP) reduces the sparks when connecting battery source.
  • Switching Battery Eliminator Circuit (S-BEC) delivers consistent power to the receiver without excessive loss of power, minimize power 'wastage' and unnecessary heat being generated.
  • Thermal Protection Function (TPF) reduces the power output of the motor in steps. When the temperature of the speedcontroller exceeds 110ºC, the speedcontroller will first reduce the motor output by 75%. If the temperature remains high the speedcontroller will then cutoff the power.
  • Signal Filter System (SFS) filters the receiver signal to ensure the correct receiver signal is received and prevents noise from interfering with the operation.
  • Power Recovery Function (PRF) - Power will reset and recover when the throttle is move to the minimum or 'low' position. When the speedcontroller cuts off due to extreme temperature or low voltage while in flight by moving the throttle to the minimum or stop postiion.
  • 3 levels of brake settings.
  • Storing last flight data such as Max RPM and Average RPM.
  • Setting for different model type - model aircraft, helicopter and car/boat.
  • Continuous Current : 75A
  • Max. Current (15 sec): 85A
  • Programming using Pro.C Max Pgrm Box: Yes
  • Dimensions: 78x29x14mm
  • Weight (with wires): 82g
  • BEC voltage and current: N/A
  • Switching frequency: 32kHz
  • No. of NiCd/NiMH cells: 14-36
  • No. of Li-Ion/Li-Po cells: 4-12
  • Adjustable timing: 0-25º
  • TPF: Yes
  • SFS: Yes

The Tahmazo Pro.C Max HV75A ESC features a cable for advanced programming.

Programmable parameters using the Tahmazo Pro.C Max Programming Box:

  • Battery Type: LiPo, NiCd/NiMH
  • Cutoff voltage: 4.5-33.0v
  • Battery cutoff type: Soft/Hard
  • Motor Direction: Normal/Reverse
  • Advanced Timing: 0-25º
  • Accelerations: Lowest - Highest
  • Start Power: Lowest - Highest
  • Air Brake Tyype: Slow - Fast
  • Air Brake: On/Off
  • Response of Governor: Slowest - Fastest
  • Governor: On/Off
  • Reverse Function: One way/Two way
  • Motor Pole No: 2 to 36
  • Gear Ratio: 1.0:1 to 25.0:1
  • Max. RPM & Avg. RPM: Display Data
Click on video image to see how Tahmazo Pro.C Max ESCs which can be programmed to start at any desired low throttle position.

Did you know?

Tahmazo Pro.C Max speedcontrollers are versatile and easy-to-program. Pro.C Max speedcontrollers deliver amazing performance for model aircraft, boats, cars and helicopters - 'All-in-one' speedcontrollers. 

Tahmazo Pro.C Max HV75A ESC

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  • Tahmazo Pro.C Max HV75A ESC
  • Tahmazo Pro.C Max HV75A ESC


Current Rating:   60
NiCd/NiMH:   6-12
Lipo:   2-6