Saito FG-14C 4- Cycle Gasoline

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Saito FG-14C is a four cycle gasoline engine exclusively for model airplanes which is designed with emphasis on high performance, durability and weight saving whose parts are redesigned to adapt to the gasoline engine based on FA-82a glow engine, equipped with carburetor with a pump, ignition system and small-size spark plug for small-size gasoline engine.


• Practically and power comparable to FA-72 glow plug engine
• Employing a carburetor with diaphragm pump
• In no anxiety of fuel level difference
• Untroubled acrobatic flight even in climbing
• Tank installable at any position
• Adjustable center of gravity of airframe
• Tank volume being only 1/3 of glow type
• Economic condition with 8cc/min of good fuel consumption
• Using regular gasoline commercially available
• 20 to 1 of gasoline to oil mixing ratio
• Airframe not fouled with exhaust
• Much lighter and compact size
• Remarkably low total running cost in the long term view
• Full preparation for overheating


29 ⌽mm
Cylinder capacity
Airframe target
Four cycle 70 class
Engine main body weight (incl. spark plug & sensor)
Approx. 528g
Muffler weight
Approx. 57g
Engine Mount weight (incl. Accessories) Approx. 124g Ignition main body weight Approx. 145g
Practical engine speed Approx.. 1,000⌽ 9,500rpm Max. ground-level engine speed Approx. 9,000rpm
Propeller (target) 13"x 8", 14"x 6" Static thrust (Target) APC ➨ 13"x 8", -2.3kg, 14"x 6" -3.2kg
Fuel Gasoline: Oil= 20: 1 (Capacity ratio) Fuel consumption (Target)
Electrical usage of ignition system
(recommend battery capacity)
Approx. 8cc/ 1 min (Full throttle, Approx. 9,000rpm)
Fuel consumption depends on the load of the propeller.
Load is large. (Diameter & pitch is large.)⇒ High, Load is small.⇒ Low
(During actual flight, fuel consumption worsen a little.)
Approx. 13mAh/ min. (1000 mA or more)

Limit gauge for tappet adjustment [0.1T]
Spanner for tappet adjustment
Hexagonal wrench set (each one of 1.5, 2, 2.5)
Ignition system (with sensor attached)
SAITOSPI Spark plug (attached)
Plug wrench
Muffler set
Engine mount set

1 pc
1 pc
1 set
1 set
1 pc
1 pc
1 set
1 set

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Saito FG-14C 4- Cycle Gasoline

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  • Saito FG-14C 4- Cycle Gasoline
  • Saito FG-14C 4- Cycle Gasoline


Displacement:   13.5cc
Power Output:   1.2HP
RPM:   1,900-9,500rpm
Weight:   528g