Saito FA-30S (H) 4- Cycle glow

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Unique Features:
Cylinder- Monolithic structure of cylinder head and cylinder with direct hard chrome plated inner surface without using cylinder liner, this engine emphasizes durability while it also offers lightweight and distortion-free structure with improved cooling efficiency.
Piston- High silicon content aluminum is used in the piston construction. It also has a compression ring that increases the engine's efficiency.
Crankshaft- Made solid chrome molybdenum steel and supported by two ball bearings. 
Combustion chamber- Increased combustion efficiency with improved hemispherical shape.
Cam gear- Our front mounted cam gear design results in a compact engine.
Cam- Features high-output type high cam.
Carburetor- High-performance type with slow adjustment equipped.
Propeller nut- Double nut design to prevent fall-off for safety.
Exhaust sound- Real-plane-like exciting exhaust sound.


Bore 20.0mm diameter Stroke 16.0mm
Stroke volume 5.03cc Weight Approx. 258g,engine only (Approx. 268.5g w/ muffler)
Practical speed Approx. 2,200⁓ 12,000rpm (Recommended highest speed on ground: 9,500⁓ 11,500rpm
Propeller (Standard)

9" x 6"⁓ 9" x 8"
10"x 5"⁓ 10" x 6"

Fuel flow Approx. 10cc/minute (at full throttle, approx. 10,400rpm)
Fuel flow varies depends upon propeller load. More fuel flow with larger load and less flow with smaller load. (In actual flight, fuel flow somewhat increases.)
Fuel Synthetic oil with 10⁓20% nitromethane content
Static thrust APC 10" x 5"- 1.0kg Application Airplane of 2 cycle 20⁓ 25 class
RC Stunt Airplane, Scale Airplane, Sports Airplane
CL Stunt Airplane
Accessories Spanner for tappet adjusting screw
Tappet adjusting screw gap gauge (0.1t)
Muffler set
P-S glow plug

1 each
1 each
1 set

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Displacement:   5cc
Power Output:   0.5HP
RPM:   2,200-12,000
Weight:   257g