PILOT Mucho Mint 12174

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The Mucho mint was introduced for its all up weight below 100g and minimum drag possible. This is achieved through the processed main wing trailing edge material and the latest mechanical fuselage, Wiith this, Mucho Mint handles thermal extremely well and manages the tiniest up draft on a slope very well. Even when it weighs less than 100g.

Although it is an ultra-compact laser-cut balsa kit, it requires crafting skills such as a ribbed main wing with a wing thickness of 7%.

Please enjoy light flight style including ridge soaring using slope winds.

Kit does not include linkage parts.

Main Set Contents:

・Laser-cut wood material
・Assembly instructions, parts layout diagram

*This aircraft is a balsa assembly kit.
* The aircraft in the photo is an example of assembling a kit and finishing with a film attached.
* There are many parts that require skill and experience in production.
* The adhesive and amount used, the type of covering material, the mounting mechanism, linkage parts, etc. 

In Japan, if the all up flying weight exceeds 100g, it is compulsory to register the aircraft. In Singapore, the registrable weight is 250g (Information as of 26 December 2022) so with the recommended setup, the Mucho is also unlikely necessary to be registered the UA in Singapore.

Aircraft Specifications:

・ Length: 625mm 
・ Wing Span: 850mm
・ Wing Area: 9.3dm2
・ Weight: 95-99g
・ RC mechanical radio: EV, RD
・ Difficulty of flight: intermediate / advanced
・ Completed aircraft condition : Balsa assembly kit

Did you know?

Mucho Mint flies well with even a small uplift from a light breeze on the slope or thermal. This is because it was designed with low drag and high efficient airfoils. It was really fun to fly even at the beginnning or tail end of slope seasons.

PILOT Mucho Mint 12174

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