PILOT Chamomile 2 - 1.91m ARF Glider (Basic)

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Seven years have passed since the launch of "Chamomile," an introductory glider with a single flap. Introducing the greatly evolved "Chamomile 2". The dark orange color has excellent visibility. The wingspan has increased from 1780mm to 1910mm with a sharp wing tip. The shape of the tail wing also changes to give a sharp image. The V angle has also changed from 105 degrees to 98 degrees, reducing air resistance. Experience the performance difference that you can see

The main wing is a balsa rib group balsa full plank, film pasted. The fuselage is a lightweight and rigid structure that combines a glass pod and a carbon tail pipe. 8% thin wings produce outstanding floating and moderate speed. The flap, which tends to have complicated linkage, uses a simple linkage from the fuselage with a 1-servo specification. It is a setup that allows you to fly with the popular version of the 6ch radio set.

The recommended power unit ER-221210d brushless motor and 10x6 fold propeller provide a comfortable climbing force. This is a model that we would like modelers who have not yet experienced a glider with flaps to experience.


・ Carbon fuselage boom attached Glass fuselage
・ Balsa rib assembly, film pasted completed main wing
・ Balsa, film pasted completed tail wing
・ Plastic canopy
・ Linkage parts
・ Japanese assembly instructions
・ Color stickers

* This product is a film-pasted ARF machine. To complete, it is necessary to join the main wings and load the motor, radio receiver, servo, etc.
* Covering film causes tarmi and wrinkles due to its material. In such cases, heat can be applied with a model iron to shrink the film and remove it.
* The contents, design, colors, etc. of the set are subject to change without notice.



Length: 1148mm

・Wing Span: 1910mm

Wing Area: 31.9dm2

・\Weight: 750-780g

・  Motor: Tahmazo ER-221210d (48800)

・ RC mechanical Radio: AL (2), RD, EV, FL, ESC

・ Three- piece main wing after completion

・ Flight difficulty: For intermediate users

・ Completed state of the aircraft: Completed film pasting

・ Power unit that can be mounted: Electric motor

Did you know?

This is a model that we would like modelers who have not yet experienced a glider with flaps to experience.

PILOT Chamomile 2 - 1.91m ARF Glider (Basic)

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Wingspan:   1910mm
Length:   1148mm
Weight:   750-780g
No. of Channles:   4-ch