PILOT 12168 Saffron 3 Balsa Kit

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The high-aspect vertical stabilizer has significantly reduced resistance when steering. By adopting a carbon taper pipe boom, air resistance has been reduced, weight has been reduced, and ease of assembly has been incorporated. The horizontal stabilizer is removable with screws.

The Saffron 3 is a high-performance compact glider with a wingspan of 1400 mm and a laser-cut balsa kit. The kit is mainly composed of balsa wood and veneer parts processed with the well-established OK model high-precision laser, and also includes piano wire for linkage, guide pipe, and plastic control horn.

It is necessary to attach the film after assembling, but by attaching the ultra-lightweight E-light film of the OK model in each color combination, it is possible to finish the favorite machine of the original color that can not be done with the finished machine beautifully and lightweight.

The wing type adopts "Konze 8%" common to the small glider series of the OK model, demonstrates the flight performance and mobility that can not be thought of as an aircraft of only 300 g, its flight performance that is strong against the wind and sensitive to the rudder is an introduction Not only those who are, but also veteran flyers will surely be satisfied.


Main Set Contents

・ Laser-cut wood material
・ Balsa plank material
・ Processed trailing edge material
・ Nylon control horn
・ Piano wire for linkage
・ Push rod guide pipe
・ Drawing (with Japanese assembly instructions)

* This aircraft is an assembly kit made by Barcelona.
* The aircraft in the photo is an example of assembling the kit and pasting the film.
* There are many parts that require skill and experience in production.

Aircraft Specifications:

Overall length Length: 1043mm

・ Overall width Wing Span: 1408mm

Main wing area Wing Area: 21.5dm2

Total weight Weight: 300-360g

・ Motor Motor: Tahmazo ER-181212d (48558)
・ RC mechanical Radio: RD, EV, (ESC)
・ Difficulty of flight: For beginners
・ Completed state of the aircraft: Barça assembly kit
・ Power unit that can be installed: Electric motor

Did you know?

The finish of the trailing edge of the wing greatly affects the gliding performance of the glider. High performance can be obtained by finishing as thin as possible, but it is a difficult process with a normal balsa kit. "Saffron 3" uses hard balsa wood for the trailing edge of the main wing, and achieves a 0.7mm thick trailing edge by machining by craftsmanship. And in order to reduce the weight, the lightening process is performed by laser cutting to achieve both rigidity and weight reduction, which are conflicting performances.

PILOT 12168 Saffron 3 Balsa Kit

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Wingspan:   1408mm
Length:   1043mm
Weight:   300-360g
No. of Channles:   3