PILOT 12161 Cilantro 2m

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PILOT 12161 Cilantro 2m

The body which has evolved further with inclusion of the know-how of the competition accumulated by Pimenta 2 m which became the standard of the F5J-2000 class competition machine standard and new technology is Cilantro 2 m. First of all, in order to reduce harmful resistance, it is a main wing blended four kinds of completely new airfoils, technology of more than 2 m of Pimenta is necessary for the assembly, but I think that you can feel the high performance corresponding to it. Also, in addition to enabling ballast mounting to respond accurately to weather changes during the competition, the air brake function was changed from a spoiler to a flap. 

Furthermore, since the nose is not cut, it can be manufactured as it is as a pure glider. 

As a motor glider, there is a jig for cutting the nose for 30 mm, 34 mm spinner.

It is a glass fiber fuselage pod that can also be manufactured as a pure glider. Equipped with a flap that exerts its power in fixed-point landing. Servo uses Tamazo TS-1002 with a thickness of 8 mm. The glass fiber pod has enough space. Adopted two split main wings by carbon pipe, which is convenient to carry. The horizontal stabilizer can also be removed. By changing carbon pipe Kanashi to steel etc., it becomes ballast.


Main Set Contents

· Laser cut processed wooden material 
· Carbon kanasi 
· Glass / carbon fuselage 
· Plastic canopy 
· Piano wire for linkage 
· Push rod guide pipe 
· Illustration Manual (with Japanese assembly explanation)

This aircraft is an assembly kit made of balsa.

Aircraft Specifications

- Full length: 1340 mm  
- Full width Wing Span: 1996 mm 
- Wing area: 39.1 dm2 
- Weight: 680 - 800 g 
- Motor Motor: Tahmazo ER - 221912 d (48855)  
- RC Mechanical Radio: EV, RD, FL ), ESC 
- Difficulty of flight: Medium · Advanced 
- Aircraft completed status: balsa assembly kit 
Mountable power unit: electric specification



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PILOT 12161 Cilantro 2m

PILOT 12161 Cilantro 2m

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