PILOT Cavalier Lazer Cut Kit Series

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PILOT Cavalier Lazer Cut Kit Series

Laser cut

Balsa kit

25 class

Low wing sports aircraft


A lightweight aircraft that's easy to assemble. With high precision and exquisite parts constructed though computer CAD and laser cut cutting. 

The results of the latest aerodynamics and test flights are stuffed up and you can enjoy exhilarating flights on speed with a thin symmetric airfoil. 

It is also possible to incorporate ELF retract (electric retractable leg) into retractable leg specifications. 

Power has a structure that can be mounted on either 2-cycle 25 class or 500 W class brushless motor.


cavalier contents

Main Set Contents

- Laser cut processed wooden parts 
- Plastic canopies 
- Plastic cowling 
- Polypropylene resin foil pants 
- Radial mount for engines 
- Drawings (with Japanese assembly explanation)

Aircraft Specifications

- Total Length: 1100 mm 
- Width Wing Span: 1224 mm · 
- Wing Area Wing Area: 26.7 dm 
- Weight: 1600 to 1800 
- Motor: Tahmazo ER - 252312 d (48487) 
- Engine: 2 C - 25 to 30 4 C - 40 ~ 45 Class 
- RC Mechanical Radio: AL (2), RD, EV, RG, TH or ESC 

- Difficulty of flight: for medium- and advanced-level 
- Completion state of the aircraft: balsa assembly kit 
- Mountable power unit: electric motor · Glow engine

Product number: 12149

Product name: PILOT Cavalier



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PILOT Cavalier Lazer Cut Kit Series

PILOT Cavalier Lazer Cut Kit Series

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