PILOT 11334 Peony - Basic

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PILOT 11334 Peony - Basic

This glider is an improved version of the high-performance small introductory glider "Shikuwasa".
Air resistance was reduced by reviewing the wing tip shape and tail layout.
Changing the shape of the horizontal and vertical tail improves rudder response and reduces steering resistance.
The 2-stage dihedral allows fine adjustment of rudder response, achieving linear effectiveness from small rudder to large rudder.

The main wing is split into two parts using carbon fibers, and the horizontal stabilizer is also removable, making it extremely compact to store and transport.
Best-in-class flight performance makes it perfect for an expert modeler's second plane.

The main wing coloring is white in the center, red in the outer wings, and pink in the wing tips.

Peony has a lineup of four types:

  • a deluxe type that comes with a motor and folding propeller set,
  • a basic type that only includes the aircraft,
  • a PnP aircraft with mechanical equipment, and
  • a fully completed RTF aircraft with a radio.
Main contents of the set
・Semi-finished fuselage (plastic pod, carbon tail boom)
・E-light film attached main tail
・Plastic canopy
・Linkage parts 
・Control horn
・Color sticker 
・Assembly instructions

Aircraft Specifications:
・ Overall length Length: 928mm
・ Overall width Wing Span: 1340mm
・ Main wing area: 19.6dm2・
Total weight Weight: 290-320g
・ Motor: Tahmazo ER-181212d(48558)
・ RC mechanism Radio: RD, EV, ESC
・ Completed The main wing will still be divided into two parts

- Difficulty of flight: For beginners
- Completed state of the aircraft: Film pasted
- Compatible power unit: Electric motor

Did you know?

Peony has a lineup of four types:

  • a deluxe type that comes with a motor and folding propeller set,
  • basic type that only includes the aircraft,
  • PnP aircraft with mechanical equipment, and
  • a fully completed RTF aircraft with a radio.

PILOT 11334 Peony - Basic

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  • The two-stage dihedral design allows for a linear rudder effect even though it is a rudder aircraft.
  • The horizontal stabilizer can also be removed with two screws.
  • It has a large mechanical space for a small glider. It can easily accommodate many types of receivers.
  • It is a two-part main wing made of carbon kanzashi.