MGM TMM 9032-3 Helicopter Speedcontroller with Governor mode

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MGM TMM 9032-3 HELI is a speedcontroller specially designed for helicopter and can be operated in one mode without constant
revolutions or in one mode featuring constant revolutions (also known as governor mode).

In the HELI 1 mode, the speedcontroller behaves like an aircraft speedcontroller. In this mode, the change in revolution
can be changed using the throttle curve, except when there is a drop in voltage.

In HELI 2 mode, you can set the speedcontroller for constant revolution. In this mode, the revolutions of the motor or rotor
are held while change of load significantly better than it is possible to do so with the throttle and pitch curves on the
transmitter. The constant revolutions are held even when a drop in voltage occurs.

Features of TMM Controllers:

  • Perfect masking of signal interference and losses
  • Extremely fine throttle steps (1023 steps)
  • Very soft starts
  • Motor and controller overload protection
  • Built-in protection and management of Lipo/Lion and Nicad/Nimh batteries
  • Easy programming of speedcontroller using transmitter or UNICARD card (optional part)

TMM speedcontrollers are also protected in the following ways:

  1. Intelligent Power Reduce (IPR) system reduces the over-discharge of cells through measurement of voltage, current,
    speedcontroller and battery condition
  2. IPR system also enables retaining defined energy for BEC in the speedcontroller preventing battery from being
    completely drained during operation (and avoid crashes due to loss of signal from the receiver) - only in speedcontroller
    wtih BEC
  3. Thermal fuse protects the speedcontroller up to 90 degrees C.

Dimension of TMM 9032-3 HELI:

  • Dimension: 82x31x22mm
  • Weight:77.5g

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Did you know?

MGM TMM 9032-3 HELI ESC for electric helicopter brushless motor with governor mode.

MGM TMM 9032-3 Helicopter Speedcontroller with Governor mode


Current Rating:   90
NiCd/NiMH:   7-32
Lipo:   3-10