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Tahmazo T210X Lithium Powered Starter
Tahmazo T210X Lithium Powered Starter-1
I fly the 90‚Ä?size helicopters and 26cc Gasoline Helicopters. Recently, I got the T210X starter and it has been really useful, even to my buddies at the field (whose starters failed them…).

PowerBox Systems Digi-Switch
PowerBox Systems Digi-Switch-1
.....The Digi-Switch is a switch that has a built-in regulator (input voltage from 2.5V to 8.4V, Output voltage at 5.3V), LED input battery indicator, and a dual heat sink all packed into a hard case.  The Digi-Switch works as a complete solution to what I need. The minimum voltage that the Digi-Switch would work is at 2.5V. ........................

Pilot Stevia 1.7m Glider with Flaps

Review - Pilot Stevia 1.7m Glider with Flaps

Pilot Stevia 1.7m
I was looking for my first glider with flaps and also wanted a glider that would not give me too much hassle with the linkages. I was introduced to the Pilot Stevia, which turned out to be an excellent glider indeed.

The instruction manual is in English and has many pictures to illustrate the assembly. All the linkages and accessories are included and servos, receiver, extension wires and speedcontroller are not.

Marabu Do-it Spray (Medium Yellow)

Review - Marabu Do-it Spray Paint

Marabu Do-It Spray can 

I have attempted many times to add colours to my foamies especially those that comes in all-white foam for practical reasons such as to be able to see the model better, to identify my model from others and for cosmetic reasons that we are all individuals with our own preference.