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Maxima Bio Ethanol Fuel 16% (4L)

Maxima Bio-Ethanol Fuel 16% (4L)

The Maxima Bio Ethanol Fuel is developed for use with RC engines that required this special blend of fuel. Bio Ethanol is a clear colourless liquid that is biodegradable, low in toxicity and more environmental-friendly. Comes in a 4-litre can.

Maxima Bio-Ethanol Fuel 16% (4L)
Price: SGD$39.00


Omega 5%Omega Fuel is the number one castor/synthetic blend in the world because of its unique blend of reliability, performance and protection.
Price: SGD$23.50
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Cool Power 15% Fuel

Cool Power 15% Cool Power is designed to measure up to the demands of the world's most-respected pilots, using the finest components and technology throughout.
Price: SGD$33.70
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