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Cemedine Super X2 Clear 20ml AX-067


Cemedine Super X2 Clear 20ml AX-067 is a multi-purpose glue that can be widely used in all kinds of materials. It dries fast and secures your item perfectly. Ideal for when repairing your RC models.

Price: SGD$11.68
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Cemedine Super XG Clear 10ml AX-023


Cemedine Super XG AX-023 is an epoch-making one-part quick curing adhesive having three significant features which are said to be ideal properties of the adhesives;

  • Pressure-sensitive adhesion
  • Elastic adhesion
  • Solventless adhesion
Price: SGD$8.88
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Cemedine Super XG Clear 20ml AX-014


Super XG AX-014 will protect and save your model from impact. Definitely a must-have for RC modelling. Ideal for all material reinforcement, repair, etc. Super strong adhesive.

Price: SGD$13.92
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*PRE-ORDER* DJI Inspire 2 Combo (with Cinema DNG & ProRes License)

Inspire 2_05.jpg
Cinema DNG and ProRes License.jpg

With the Inspire 2’s CinemaDNG and Apple ProRes workflows, filmmakers are able to work
with their footage more effectively, in turn making editing more efficient.

Price: SGD$9,307.48
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*PRE-ORDER* DJI Inspire 2 (without Gimbal and Camera)

Inspire 2_05.jpg
Inspire 2_06.jpg

The DJI Inspire 2 takes everything that was good about the Inspire 1 and improves it. It goes from 0 to 50mph (80kph) in just 4 seconds and hits a maximum speed of 67mph (108kph) and has a max descent speed of 9m/s for unheard of speed and agility in an aircraft this size.

Price: SGD$4,531.78
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*PRE-ORDER* DJI Phantom 4 Pro +


A 5.5in 1080p screen integrated with the DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ offers 1000 cd/m2 of brightness, more than twice as bright as conventional smart devices. It makes bright, vivid colours easily visible in direct sunlight. With this screen, a mobile device is not required, simplifying pre-flight preparations.

Price: SGD$2,709.35
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KST X08N Wing Servo (1.4-2.8KG)


The KST X08N Wing Servo (1.4-2.8KG) is a version of the KST X08 servo without mounting lugs (also called mounting tabs). It is especially good for ailerons on DLGs, electric racers, and all models with thin flying surfaces.

Price: SGD$50.09
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KST X08H Wing Servo (1.4-2.8kg)


The KST X08H Wing Servo was based on their very popular 245 series, but they pushed the envelope even further. You get a tiny 8mm wide servo that can operate on a wide voltage range and produce up to 2.8kg of torque! Impressive.

Price: SGD$51.40
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KST X08 Horn Set

Pack of replacement amrs and mounting screws for KST X08 servo.

Price: SGD$1.87
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KST X08 Wing Servo (1.4-2.8KG)


The KST X08 Wing Servo (1.4-2.8KG) is a very light (8 g) low/medium/high voltage metal cased servo. Despite being only 8 mm thick the powerful coreless DC motor and gearing provide good torque and high speed.

Price: SGD$50.09
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