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Futaba SBS-01TE Electric Temperature Sensor

Monitor flight data and receive alerts while you fly!

Compact and lightweight, Futaba telemetry sensors collect real-time temperature, voltage, RPM, altitude, GPS, and Current/Capacity data, as well as S.Bus2 servos' in-flight current, operating angle and internal temperature. Compatible with FASSTest and T-FHSS systems, Futaba telemetry sensors plug directly into any available S.Bus2 port.

Futaba SBS-01TE Electric Temperature Sensor 

1. Provides temperature data for electric models

2. Operating range is from 32° to 257° F (0° to 125° C)

3. Normal voltage range is from 3.7-7.4V DC

Weight: 0.134oz (3.8g)

Length: 13.8in (350mm) including connector

*Aluminum tape included


Price: SGD$44.86