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DJI 9450 Carbon Fiber Reinforced Propellers (Black With White Stripes)

9450 prop white - 1.jpg
Another masterpiece by DJI Propulsion Laboratory. Aerodynamically optimized and precisely manufactured, the DJI 9450 Carbon Fiber Reinforced Propellers produce powerful thrust with excellent dynamic balance.

These reliable blades easily handle your FPV and other payloads while keeping your platform stable and virtually vibration-free, helping reduce the chance of jello or other unwanted effects.

A set of two propellers. Includes one clockwise replacement propeller and one counter-clockwise replacement propeller.

These propellers can be used with Phantom 3/ Phantom 2 series or Flame Wheel series platforms and the E310/E305/E300 tuned propulsion systems.

9450 prop white - 2.jpg

9450 prop white - 3.jpg

Price: SGD$21.31