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Parrot Swing

Parrot Swing

The power of a plane, the ease of a quadcopter.

Parrot Swing is the only minidrone that lets you fly a supersonic plane with surprising ease. It's also the only plane with autopilot and a vertical take-off and landing mode. With the Parrot Flypad controller, discover ultra-precise control to fly like a pro. Transform the sky into an amazing race track!


  • Vertical take-off and landing
  • 18.64 mph speed
  • Precise piloting flypad
  • Autopilot (quad mode)

Enjoy A Brand New Dual Piloting Mode

Its unique X shape provides you with two drones in one. With an advanced flight controller and liable sensors, the Parrot Swing is the only plane minidrone with vertical take-off and landing. Sturdy and easy to grasp, nothing will stop you!

Chain Up Amazing Stunts!

With a simple click, chose the stunt most suited to your desires and environment. Try out the looping in an open area for a stunning effect! Perfect for playing with your environment, the half loop allows you to avoid obstacles in tight spaces. As for the barrel roll, it definitely adds style to your high-speed flight!

Read more about it here.

Gain Speed

Be the fastest among your friends. To gain speed, tilt your Parrot Swing! The more you lean, the faster you go. You can also activate Boost Mode to be even harder to catch. Go for it: slalom and avoid obstacles to be the first to get there.


Ultra-Precise Piloting With The Parrot Flypad

The Parrot Flypad gives you the most precise control of your Parrot Swing drone and allows you to pilot it over a distance of up to 60 metres. With its mount that adjusts to your smartphone, check the remaining battery power and flight time on your screen or change the control settings.


Download, And You're Ready To Have Fun

With a completely user-friendly interface, a simplified first log in and automatic recognition of your connected drones and accessories, everything has been thought of to let Free Flight Mini expand your options for playing and experiences. Change your minidrone's flight settings and check the remaining battery and flight time. Let your imagination run riot and blow your friends away...


In The Box

  1. 1 x Minidrone Swing
  2. 1 x USB Cable
  3. 4 x Additional propellers
  4. 1 x Parrot Flypad
  5. 1 x Smartphone mount
  6. 1 x Quickstart guide

Price: SGD$251.40