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O.S. Speed B2101 Gold Edition



The O.S. Speed B2101 is available in a special Gold Edition to commemorate O.S.’s 80th anniversary. A gold cylinder head and carb insert makes it extra-attractive for collectors, while the legendary O.S. performance makes it a must for high-octane racing.  It is a high performance engine produced by O.S.'s Speed Team technicians. 


The B2101 was developed to fill a hole in the O.S. Engine line with an engine that produces a smooth power band, ideal for slick or blown-tracks. Its square 16.4mm bore/stroke dimension, combined with a DLC coated and balanced OS SPEED tuned crankshaft creates the perfect blend of power and driveability. Other features include a low slung, low CG cooling head that hangs below the engine case, for improved handling, and the renowned 21J carburetor for easy tuning adjustments.



Displacement3.46 cc / 0.211 cu.in.
Bore16.4 mm / 0.646 in. 
Stroke16.4 mm / 0646 in. 
Output2.65 ps / 2.61 hp / 34,000 r.p.m. 
Practical R.P.M.         4,000-42,000 r.p.m. 
Weight352 g / 12.42 oz. (Engine) 



All special parts assembled in the engine are not available as spare parts. Use standard parts when replacing them.

The following are special parts of the limited edition:

  • Gold outer head
  • Gold carburetor restrictor

Price: SGD$649.53