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Cemedine Super XG Clear 20ml AX-014

Cemedine Super XG Clear AX-014 will protect and save your model from impact. Definitely a must-have for RC modelling. Ideal for all material reinforcement, repair, etc. Super strong adhesive.


  • Pressure-sensitive adhesion - Curing reaction is caused by moisture absorbed from the air. Pressure-sensitive range is reached in this curing process about 10 minutes after application. If adherends are put together during this time, they bound instantaneously as in the case of rubber contact adhesive, eliminating the need for temporary fixation.
  • One-part solventless agent providing quick curing at normal temperature - Easy-to-use, safe, and clean adhesive featuring one-part solventless agent capable of quick curing at normal temperature is provided.
  • Adhesive property over an extensive range - Super-X products allow for adhesion of various type of plastics, rubbers and ceramics over an extensive range, moreover different types of metals. These products provides excellent adhesion over a very extensive range of materials, eliminating the need for selecting a particular adhesive for each type of the different materials, as in the case of conventional agents.
  • Durability - The Super-X as elastic adhesives do not peel off. Once materials are adhered, the Super-X provides durability in the range from low temperature (-60°C) to high temperature (120°C). Because of the rubber state of the hard film, the Super-X follows the changes of adherents such as expansion and shrinkage sufficiently.
Price: SGD$13.92