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YS 96SRX Tareq




If you love the smell of nitro fuel, the YS 96SRX Tareq Heli is designed for you!
The 96SRX Tareq is the latest in helicopter engine technology from YS. It has new stroke design for superior operation, new carburettor design for easier adjustments, and factory preset fuel regulator. 
This helicopter engine brings power back to the nitro mix. Now you don't have to sacrifice power for the long flight times you get from a nitro model.
Expect serious power from your nitro helicopter with this YS engine.


1. New bigger cylinder head design for a more efficient cooling
2. Steel lined back plate to reduce friction on the connecting rod
3. Pressurized fuel injection system for a more consistent engine run
4. Proven factory pre-set regulator system for ease of adjustment  
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Price: SGD$501.87