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O.S. Max-55AX-GP (Gold Head)




The O.S. Max-55-AX-GP engine has a compact body that enables it to be fit within most cowls. It is a high performance two stroke engine designed for sport and aerobatic models. It features a 40K carburetor needlevalve assembly that has now been angled backward for safety. Also included is th new E-3071 silencer (power box) which develops very effective muffling.

Displacement:8.93 cc / 0.545 cu.in
Bore: 23.0 mm / 0.906 in. 
Stroke: 21.5 mm / 0.846 in. 
Output: 1.7 ps / 1.68 hp / 16.000 r.p.m. 
Practical R.P.M. 2,000-17,000 r.p.m. 
Weight: 404 g / 14.25 oz. (Engine) 
 108 g / 3.81 oz. (Silencer) 

**This engine is the limited edition. All the special parts assembled in the engine are not available as spare parts. Please use standard parts when you replace them.

The following are special parts for the limited edition:

  • Gold Cylinder Head
Price: SGD$254.21