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O.S. Speed 21XZ-GT With T2060SC


The O.S. Speed 21XZ-GT is an all-new 5-port engine. It features a newly developed piston and 5-scavenging port cylinder, crankshaft, and crankcase to fit on-road GT track. These parts are totally different from those of SPEC III. The Speed 21XZ-GT has a 7mm carburetor restrictor conform to ROAR regulation. This comes with the T2060SC tuned pipe and the 70mm manifold M2003SC - especially designed for the GT category for better pick-up.




1. Adopted cleaning 5 ports + exhaust 3 ports as per ROAR regulation
2. Double adjustment type carburetor equipped with 7 reduced as per ROAR regulation
3. Newly designed, light-weight outer head of lower central gravity
4. Illuminated outer head with a more professional racing engine look
5. Short manifold M2003SC (70mm) that is for GT Touring and T2060SC is included



Displacement: 3.49 cc (0.213cu.in.)
Bore: 16.27mm (0.641in.) 
Stroke: 16.80mm (.0661in.) 
Practical RPM range:      4,000-42,000 rpm 
Max. power output: 2.65 ps /2.61 hp @ 34,000rpm 
Scavenging port: 5-port 
Exhaust port: 3-port 
Price: SGD$627.17