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GoProfessional Cases Travel Case for DJI Inspire 1 Backpack

Having your DJI Inspire 1 inside a backpack* can be cool, but travelling with it can quite a challenge
isn't it? Well fret not, because GoProfessional Cases has come up with a great solution that will
make your travelling less of a hassle.
Introducing, the Travel Case for DJI Inspire 1 Backpack! Reach your destination with your precious
gadget packed safely in a hard shell. Pull out the handle and you can drag it along as you please. So easy!
  • Lightweight, Durable Thermoform Polyethylene Plastic Construction
  • 2 Locking Latches
  • Padlock Loop
  • Telescopic Handle
  • Recessed Wheels
  • Lid That Stays Open At 90°
  • Lifetime Guarantee


Exterior Length:   28 in 
Exterior Width: 22.50 in 
Exterior Depth: 11.50 in 
Interior Length: 28 in 
Interior Width: 22 in 
Interior Depth: 10 in 
Weight: 15lb 5oz 

*DJI Inspire 1 Backpack - sold separately

Price: SGD$556.07