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TechOne DLG-1000 Discus Launch Glider


When we received the model, we were mesmerized by the completeness of the model. Installed with 4 servos and U-BEC, all we needed were the remote control system(TX and RX) and 2-cells lipo battery. There were much attention to details, including provision of channels on the wings to secure the servo horns onto the wing servo in the event users wish to fine-tune the servo horn position.

Other details include provision for both left and right hand launchers.

Almost immediately when it arrived, we picked up a set of the DLG-1000 and got it installed for flight test. In a short span of 30 minutes, our DLG-1000 is setup ready with 2 launch modes, cruise, thermal, speed modes and butterfly air brakes. All done with the ease of the Futaba 14SG and the R617FS receiver.

At the first launch, a simple javelin launch to check the CG. It glided for a good distance of about 30-40 meters. Next, we did a light discus launch (right-handed). At the point of release, the glider tend a soft left roll. It was a strange behavior. Subsequent launches resulted in similar left roll behavior. We tried alieron and rudder trims which reduces the effect of the left roll but something just does not seem right.

A fellow modeler at the field noticed the rudder control rod being on the left side of the fuselage which suggested that the DLG-1000 could be default designed for the left handed launcher and we thought about it

Launching the model with the right hand, results in binding of the control rod within the fuselage, thus, causing the rudder to deflect left, giving the model a left roll effect.

So, we decided to test it out. We removed the connection between the rudder control rod and the control horn, taped down the entire rudder and launched the DLG-1000 with just aileron and elevator control. It was indeed better but still rolled a little to the left. We continued to offset the rudder deflection permanently until we get a good straight launch with maximum height possible (about 20-30 meters).

After that, we continue to use the rudder-aileron mix on the Futaba 14SG so that although we have no rudder control, moving the rudder sticks would make some deflection on aileron. This gives a feeling of rudder control that we are used to even when the model is actually rudderless. Within the next 5 launches, we were catching thermals with the DLG-1000 and getting very good flight duration.

If you are a left hand launcher, you may not need to make the above adjustments.

If you are a right hand launcher, here are some options to consider:

1. Install a tube over the carbon rudder control rod and glue down this tube to the fuselage. This would prevent the control rod from flexing and improve the launch.

2. Remove the rudder servo and control rod entirely and fly the model rudderless. Offset the rudder with about 2-3mm depending on your launch power.You may fine-tune this deflection with your launch.


Hope the above review and tips would proves helpful to you.

May you find endless thermals beneath your wings and happy hand catching,


Ronald Yong.