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TechOne DLG-1000 Discus Launch Glider

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Unrestrained action brings great pleasure.
DLG-1000 is TechOne’s first unpowered glider.
Its wings, rudder, and vertical stabilizer are all made of ultra-light EPO foam giving you an excellent flying performance! It gives option to place the launch peg on either side of the wings.
It has beautiful line construction with good thermal dissipation design for the fuselage and motor.
Overall Length:812mm(32in)
Flying Weight:199-220g (with battery)
Speed Control:UBEC 3A
Servo: 3.6g x 4pcs 
Recommended Battery (Optional):2S 250-400mAh  
To complete the model, it requires the following items:
1. Remote control systems with at least 4 channel receiver. (As we setup our DLG-1000 with multiple flight modes which needs more switches, we chose the Futaba 18SZ or the 14SG remote control system)
2. 2-cells Lipo Battery pack (We use 240mah, 2-cells Lipo)
Setup recommendations:
The DLG-1000 is ideal for left-handed launchers, ie., launch peg on the right wing. If user is a right-handed launcher (peg on the left wing), we would recommend removing the rudder servo horn connection and taping down the rudder control surface with 2mm right rudder offset and fly the model rudderless. Using Futaba Radio Systems, you may use rudder to aileron mix so that users can also fly the model with rudder stick input.
Please feel free to contact us if you require further clarifications about the above setup.
Price: SGD$158.88