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Futaba 18MZH 2.4GHZ 18 Channel (World Championship)

Futaba 18MZH 2.4GHZ 18 Channel (World Championship)


FASSTest system
The T18MZ-WC transmitter adopted the bi directional communication system "FASSTest". Data from the receiver can be checked in your transmitter. FASSTest is a maximum 18 channels (linear 16 channels + switch 2 channels) 2.4GHz dedicated system.

S.BUS2 system
By using the S.BUS2 system multiple servos, gyros and telemetry sendord are easily installed with a minimum amount of cables.

Color LCD
T18MZ-WC has a HVGA (640x240 pixels) full color bacl=klight LCD touchcreen. The screen is manufactured of a transflective construction which enables both indoor and outdoor visibility.

Music Play
T18MZ-WC can playback WMA (WIndows Media Audio) files on a SD-Card. You can enjoy music by the internal speaker or stereo headphones from the earphone jack. A switch can be assigned to start/stop your music.

Voice recording
You can record your own voice using the internal microphone and then play back commands assigned to certsain switches. Recording time is 3 seconds maximum and 24 voice files can be stored.

Camera function + picture paste function
The transmitter has a 0.03M megapixels digital camera function. Picture files can be inserted as pictures of each model and shown on the home screen. Identification during model selection is easy and convient. (File types: bmp, JPEG. picture size: 158x80 pixels)

Secure Data (SD)
Model data, music files, voice files and picture files can be stored on optional SD card. The SD card is also used when updating the software/feature of the T18MZ-WC.

High capacity lithium polymer battery (3500mAH)
The high capacity Lithium Polymer battery gives you extended flight time.

USB connection
A USB connector is built in. A commercial PC mouse and keyboard can be used. The model data can also be stored in a USB memory flash drive.

The touch panel and rotary encoder editing system allows you to edit your model in the manner that is easiest for you.

The internal dual processors operate the many 18MZ-WC functions and optimize the response time. Most of the mixing functions are operated by curves which give you very precise settings.

Each axis is supported by dual ball bearings. This allows for finer and more prescise operation, the potentiometers also offer a very long lifespan.

Replaceable switches
You can replace 8 of the toggle switches on the right and left shoulder, with optional switches (two position, three position, and momentary etc.)

Vibration function
Low voltage and other alarms are generated by a vibration motor. Alarms or vibrations to be used can be selected by the owner.

The system comes with the R7008SB S.BUS2 Dual Antenna Diversity receiver featuring bi-diractional communication.

Your 18MZ-WC (packaged with a S.BUS receiver) includes the following components:

T18MZ-WC transmiitter
R7008SB Receiver
LT2F3500XH Lithium-polymer battery & AC adapter
Switch harness
Tool box (includes special jig for adjustment)
Neck Strap
The set contents depend on the type of set.

Transmitter T18MZ-WC
Operating system: 2 stick, 18 channels, 2.4GHz
Transmitting frequency: 2.4 GHz
Power supply: 7.4V LT2F3500 Li-polymer battery
Current drain: 1 ampere maximum (RF power on and backlight light on) 700Ma average

Receiver R7008SB
(FASSTest, S.BUS2, Diversity)
Receiving frequency: 2.4 GHz FASSTest system
Power requirement: 6.6V liFe battery
Current drain: 75 mA
Size: 24.9x47.3x14.3 mm
Weight: 10.9 g
Price: SGD$3,289.72