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OS Speed R21 with 21M2 (B) Shimo 1AM00

  • Special outer head (silver with special design)
  • Special crankcase (one side of the logo is shiny)
  • Special carburetor restrictor (8.0mm silver)
  • Special gasket combination (2 pcs of 0.1mm and 1 pc of 0.15mm)
    (*Standard combination:1pc of 0.1mm and 1pc of 0.15mm)
  • T-2080SC muffler is hand made at his factory.
  • Special carburetor spacer to increase middle range torque.
  • Steel rear ball bearing, which he prefers with combination of the special carburetor spacer. 
OS Speed R21 with 21M2 (B) Shimo 
OS Speed R21 with 21M2 (B) Shimo 


Displacement:3.49cc (0.213cu.in) 
Bore: 16.08mm (0.633in.)
Stroke:17.2mm (0.677in.)
Practical RPM: (4,000~45,000r.p.m.)
Power Output:(2.80ps/33,000rpm 2.76hp/33,000rpm.)
Weight: 340g (11.99oz.)
Price: SGD$654.21