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Futaba R7018SB 18-channel receiver

Futaba R7018SB receiver
The Futaba R7018SB 18-channel receiver is a full range receiver for FASSTest 2.4Ghz (Bi-directional communication system) and FASST 2.4G (Multi-ch mode) with dual antenna diversity and dual battery system with Ultra T-Plugs. R7018SB is designed for all types and sizes of aircraft models (airplane, helicopter, glider, multi rotor) - glow, gasoline, electric.

The R7018SB is S-Bus and S-Bus2 compatible with 18 PWM output ports and an extra voltage port (telemetry voltage) for 0-70v.

Futaba R7018SB receiver


Dimension: 54.6 x 40 x 16mm

Weight: 42g

Power Requirement: 6.0v - 7.4v (voltage range: 4.8 - 8.4v)

Futaba R7018SB receiver
Weight: 42g (1.48oz)
Dimensions: 54.6x40.4x16.3mm
Price: SGD$279.50