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DJI Inspire Pro with 1(one) Remote Control

DJI Inspire 1 Pro
DJI Inspire1 Pro is the DJI Inspire1 fitted with the latest Zenmuse X5, the world's first mirrorless, compact Micro-Four Thirds camera made specially for aerial photography and cinematography. The Zenmuse X5 is packed with a powerful sensor that is capable of recording 4K videos at up to 30fps and capturing still images at 16MP. Equipped with the standard MFT interchangeable lens mount and allowing wireless remote control over focus, aperture and more, the Zenmuse X5 lets you shoot the way you want.
DJI Inspire1 Pro - Zenmuse X5
The DJI Inspire1 Pro together with the Zenmuse X5 instantly brings user to a level of control and convenience that only a fully integrated system can provide, while giving user a combination of imaging prowess and ease-of-use that is unprecedented in any aerial imaging system.

Price: SGD$4,761.70