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Tahmazo ER-412052dBM Motor (KV-520)


Tahmazo ER-412052dBM is a high quality 700-800 watts motor with a KV of 250. This gives the motor better cooling and performance.

It is designed for Pilot Lumina and similar aerobatics and sports model with wing span of 1400mm to 1600mm, weighing 2200g to 2600g.


Type:14-pole brushless motor
Class:700-800 watts
Dimension:58mm x 46mm
Tahmazo er-412052dBM motor (kv-520)
Tahmazo er-412052dBM motor (kv-520)
RPM/V: 520
Weight(g): 285g
Shaft diameter(mm): 6.0MM
Lipo cells: 3-5 CELLS
Price: SGD$148.00