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JR NX3421 Digital Servo 02306

JR releases the new XBus NX series servos, allowing not only serial servo connection, but also individual servo programming with servo adjustments to suit every application.

The NX range of servos automatically detect the type of output they are plugged into - conventional receiver PWM outputs, or XBus. This means NX series servos are XBus compatible, and also compatible with PWM receiver signals without any converter, allowing modelers to use conventional receiver systems.
* Compatible receiver systems : DMSS · DSMJ · 72MHz · 40MHz
JR NX3421 Digital Servo 02306

JR NX3421 Digital Servo 02306 
For General use of RC air planes
Dimension26.5mm x 15.0mm x 33mm
Length of lead harness300mm
Operating Voltage4.5V - 8.5V
 · Wide Voltage
 · Double ball bearings

* Do not use this servo under the different voltage other than specified
* If used on a large control surface - typically aileron, rudder, elevator or flap on an airplane, Digital servos (DS · MP · MPH series) may move slightly around center while on the ground.
This is an expected phenomenon, and will not occur in the air.

Torque(1): 4.2KG
Speed(1): 0.22SEC
Torque(2): 6.6KG
Speed(2): 0.16SEC
Dimensions: 26.5x15.0x33mm
Weight: 30g
Price: SGD$100.00