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BJ Craft BiSide 170 F3A ARF


BJ Craft BiSide 170 F3A ARF Composite Fuselage and built-up wing and stabs. It is also a great F3A patternship for those looking for their first F3A model as well as the season F3A pilots.

BJ Craft BiSide 170 ARF
BJ Craft BiSide 170 ARF

The specifications for the BiSide 170 ARF are: 

Length:1998 mm

Wing span:1700 mm 

Weight: 3450g  + Battery 1240g (10s 4500mah)

Total Flying Weight: 4690g 

Starting CG at 130mm - Back from The leading edge (root of lower wing) (CG: 100mm-140mm)

BJ Craft BiSide 170 ARF
Price: SGD$2,495.00