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Tahmazo ER181212d Brushless Motor (2.3mm)

Tahmazo ER181212D Brushless Motor (2.3mm)-1
Tahmazo ER181212d Brushless Motor is recommended for use with OK Model's Citron, Marjoram and Safron II gliders. Its motor shaft diameter measures 2.3mm.
Tahmazo ER181212D Brushless Motor (2.3mm)-2

RPM per volt: 1200
Shaft diameter: 2.3mm
Dimensions: 22x26mm
Weight: 31g
Max current: 6A
NiCd/NiMH: 10
LiPo cells: 3
RPM/V: 1200
Shaft diameter(mm): 2.3
Price: SGD$64.70