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Topsky Topthermal Disser 3m Glider

Topsky Topthermal Disser 3m Glider
The all new Topsky Topthermal Disser is an unpainted version of the popular 3m Topthermal wingspan electric glider. Besides having advanced composite material for a lightweight and strong airframe, its wing, elevator and rudder front tips are strengthened with carbon fiber. It features multi control surfaces (ailerons, flaps, rudder and elevator). With the built-in Disser carbon fibre reinficements, this re-redesigned glider is both light and rigid, enhancing its overall flight performance.
  • Wing span: 3000mm
  • Wing area: 54dm2
  • AUW: <1800 grams
  • Wing foil: MH32
  • Wing load: 33.33 grams/dm2
  • Control: elevato-rudder-aileron-flap-throttle
Required to Fly:
  • Radio: 6 Channel
  • Receiver
  • Folding prop 16x10
  • Motor: Hacker A30-10XL 900rpm/V
  • Slim Servos (>3Kg/cm)
  • 4S 3000mah Lipo battery
Price: SGD$840.19