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Great Planes RealFlight 6.5 Flight Simulator with Transmitter

Great Planes RealFlight 6.5 Flight Simulator with Transmitter
The Great Planes RealFlight 6.5 Flight Simulator comes with an included Mode 2 "InterLink Elite" Transmitter, and Airplane Mega Pack. RealFlight 6.5 is loaded with even more realism and vastly improved heli physics. The feel and response is as real as it can possibly get. RealFlight 6.5 is also an incredible value. No other flight sim offers the variety of aircraft, and with RealFlight 6.5 you get a bonus Mega Pack, with either additional airplanes or helis. With so many aircraft and flying site choices, a controller designed for flying helis and more convenient features, RealFlight 6.5 is setting the bar even higher! 

The multi-patented, easy to use InterLink Elite is also the most versatile flight sim controller you can get. It's designed after Futaba's popular 6EX, and even has digital trims! But, if you prefer to use your own R/C transmitter, the interface you need is already built-in. With MultiMode™ you can even use the controller and interface simultaneously — a feature no other simulator has! 

  • RealPhysics™ 3D- One of the most ambitious models of flight in the world, RealPhysics 3D is unmatched in its ability to re-create the lifelike characteristics of model flying. RealFlight 6.5’s physics engine has been tried and approved by world-class competition pilots like Frank Noll, Jr., Bobby Watts, and Matt Botos. Furthermore, aircraft in RealFlight 6.5 behave with real-world predictability because they are carefully modeled using advanced methods and extensive real-world data. If it happens at the field or in the air, it’s re-created with exacting detail in RealFlight 6.5!
  • Float Fly- RealFlight 6.5 offers a number of flying sites with water along with a variety of float fly aircraft. Practice your takeoffs or landings on water and admire the view at the same time.
  • Instant Rewind- Test your pattern flying over and over again with the new Rewind feature. Hold the Reset button and watch your flight rewind. Let go of the button at the point you wish to re-start your flight. Use the data lever on the controller to seek forward or backwards through your flight.
  • InterLink Elite QuickSelect™- With RealFlight 6.5’s InterLink Elite, you’re able to make quick changes such as, selecting a different aircraft or airport without touching the keyboard or mouse.
  • Quick Load- Know the name of the aircraft or flying site you wish to use? Open the Quick Load gadget to quickly search and load the aircraft. 
  • Quick Edit- If you ever wish to make minor refinements to the aircraft, but don’t wish to dive into the complexity of the full aircraft editor, the Quick Edit is the solution for you!
  • Training Videos-Access the built in video player to training and feature videos.
  • Real Rendering™- Taking advantage of cutting edge 3D graphics technology, RealFlight not only flies realistically; it also looks true to life.
  • Variable Pitch Prop- Take 3D flight to 4D with the variable pitch prop. Select the popular FlatOuts™ Extra 300S with V-Pitch and try amazing maneuvers you didn’t think were possible with an airplane—like flying backwards.
  • Grappling Hook-Select the Skycrane heli to hook, grapple and drop objects. 
  • Hovering Training Aids- Learn to torque roll or hover a heli with RealFlight’s Heli and Airplane Hover Trainer. For more excitement, try the Heli Orientation Trainer. Both are great training aids for anyone new to radio control.
  • Takeoff and Landing Training Aids- The RealFlight 6.5 simulator is a great way for new pilots to learn the art of R/C flying. The best places to start are training aids, designed to teach you the basics of takeoffs and landings. 
  • Overhead View- This on-screen gadget helps you find and line up to the runway for easier landings. Or use it to help find your friends during multiplayer sessions.
  • Sky Grid and Trails- Practice your precision maneuvers with these graphical aids. Sky Grid will display a pattern in the sky for reference. Enable Trails and you will see where your aircraft has flown; allowing you to perfect your maneuvers.
  • Night Flying- Just because the sun is down, doesn’t mean that you can’t fly. The same is true with RealFlight night flying. Pick a nighttime airport and watch as your aircraft lights up the sky.
  • PhotoFields™- RealFlight 6.5 also includes ultra-realistic PhotoField airports. Using incredible high resolution digital images, RealFlight PhotoField airports are as real as it gets. The Import feature allows you to use your own panoramic photos to create new flying sites.
  • “Full Coverage” collision detection- Instead of using sensors at only a few points along the aircraft, “Full Coverage” blankets the entire aircraft with detection points ensuring that every part of an aircraft will not only register a strike but, will react authentically. Contact can result in damage ranging from minor handling problems to spectacular crashes complete with realistic sound effects.
  • TruFlo Wind Dynamics™- RealFlight 6.5 introduces modelers to R/C’s most realistic wind model. All the components of TruFlo Wind Dynamics work together to create the single most accurate wind field in any simulation. Wind impacts every facet of your flight, just as it would at the local field.
  • AccuModel™ Aircraft Editor- RealFlight 6.5’s aircraft editor is the most powerful and most flexible editor ever introduced in an R/C simulator. AccuModel allows you to change virtually every aspect of your model with ease. It places over 1,500 airfoils at your disposal, a multitude of propellers, and much, much more! AccuModel brings up a wire-frame model for easy reference and highlights the editing area. Make a change and it’s immediately reflected on-screen, ready for review and revision.
  • Flying Sites with over 5,000 square miles to explore- RealFlight’s TrueLife Terrain™ goes beyond the limitations of traditional simulator flight. Created and mapped from satellite imagery, RealFlight 6.5’s landscape looks as “right” and richly varied as the view from your front door. Digital elevation data brings it all into accurate perspective.
  • A living, breathing environment- Everything in RealFlight 6.5’s 3D world is as realistic as possible; complete with depth and details that transcend the traditional “billboard” look of other simulators. You’ll see leaves and branches that dance in a passing breeze and clouds that roll by with the prevailing winds.
  • FlexiField™ flying site editor- The FlexiField™ editor takes you beyond 2D scenes into a 3D environment rich in new objects and editing options. Customize an existing field with new foliage, different objects, or both. Create a new field with nothing more than a mouse, imagination and a few simple keystrokes.
  • InterLink™ Elite Controller- RealFlight 6.5’s InterLink Elite controller functions as a controller, an interface, or both. Its push-button is capable of resetting and rewinding the aircraft, or hand-launching a sailplane. Additionally, the InterLink Elite is the key to navigating the QuickSelect menus – select alternative aircraft, flying sites and more, all from the controller.
  • Fly Split Screen- RealFlight 6.5’s MultiMode™ option allows two modelers to fly simultaneously on one PC. It’s perfect for practicing formation flight, a game of tag, or personalized flight instruction.
  • VirtualRevolution™ sound technology- Doppler-correct stereo sounds heighten the realistic effect with true sound recordings of 2-stroke, 4-stroke, turbine, electric, ducted fan and gasoline engines. As the aircraft crosses the field, the engine sound follows, just like its R/C counterpart.
  • RotoSonics™ technology- Recreating distinctive engine/blade sounds with startling accuracy. The sounds are so lifelike, you’ll swear you are at the field!
  • VFI (Virtual Flight Instruction)- VFI gives you personal flight lessons from R/C’s leading experts. Using VFI, you can select a maneuver (loop, roll, etc.) from an extensive list of options. VFI then demonstrates the maneuver on-screen, performed by an expert. While you watch, the voice of the pilot/instructor will explain how to perform the maneuver.
  • AFR (Advanced Flight Recorder)- This feature allows the pilot to not only view prerecorded maneuvers, but also to record maneuvers of his/her own as well. RealFlight 6.5 even allows you to record your own audio for personalized flight instruction. This feature also allows you to pause, speed up, slow down, and loop the performance. The pilot has the option to activate the digitized transmitter display, so that he/she can view the radio input while flying.
  • NavGuides™- Using the NavGuides, you can display a variety of heads-up on-screen information. Options range from altitude and airspeed to aircraft heading and engine RPM. This feature improves your ability to “see” what is going on in your virtual world.
  • Viewport- You can open up a picture-in-picture display and treat it as an independent “window on the world”. You can individually adjust each of the viewport’s vantage points, zoom level, and direction of view.
  • Multiplayer- You can fly with many other RealFlight 6.5 owners. Participate in online competitions, or just enjoy the thrill of flying around with one another. This feature can also be used to learn new maneuvers from pilots across the street or around the world.
  • Combat Events- Compete in Streamer Cut, Paintball, Rocket and Machine Gun combat. Or combine racing and combat in an exciting match of DeadRinger™. Plug in a headset and microphone to your computer and chat live during these contests.
  • Animated control surfaces and retracts- Control surfaces, retracts, propellers, and rotor blades move for added realism.
  • Aircraft exhaust/smoke- You can control the color, density, “hang time”, and other parameters related to airplane and helicopter smoke and exhaust.
  • Streamers- Add streamers to any aircraft, to any location, in any color. Watch as they corkscrew behind the airplane during a roll, or react accordingly to the wind and the propwash.
  • Flight Failures- RealFlight can simuate many common flight failures (radio interference, stuck servos, engine failures, etc.). Use this feature to prepare for emergencies at the field.
  • Fully editable aircraft paint/decal schemes- Create customized trim schemes for your aircraft. (To design your own paint scheme, you must use a third-party program that edits TGA files.)
  • Launcher- RealFlight 6.5’s Launcher allows for easy one-click access to program upgrades, online registration, and technical support.
  • Extensive Help materials- RealFlight 6.5 features extensive online tool tips and diagrams, a detailed manual, and technical support to enhance your enjoyment of the program.
This package includes:
  • RealFlight Transmitter (Mode 2)
  • Flight Simulator Installation DVD
  • 'Airplane Mega Pack' DVD
  • 2 x interface adapter cords
Price: SGD$230.84