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Tahmazo ER2810-470MR SuperFinz Brushless Motors (1 pair of CW and CCW)

Tahmazo ER2810-470Mr SuperFinz Brushless Motors-1
Tahmazo ER2810-470Mr SuperFinzTM produces longer flight time as it draws lower current. SuperFinzTM channels high airflow over the motor stator in both directions. It is designed for 6-cells lipo battery operations on Multi-rotor platforms using 9” to 13” propellers.

  • Incorporates Tahmazo’s  “SuperFinzTM” design for increased airflow cooling to motor in both directions.
  • Produces high thrust and draws low current, thus minimising heat loss dissipation and maximising effective flight time.
  • These are the test results over the motor:
Tahmazo ER2810-470Mr SuperFinz Brushless Motors-3
  •  Packaged complete with CNC Prop adaptors in both CW and CCW directions.
  • Comes with 350mm wires, collets (OD: 6mm), motor mounting screws and 3.5mm gold bullet connectors.

Tahmazo ER2810-470Mr SuperFinz Brushless Motors-2
  • Stator diameter: 28mm
  • Stator length: 10mm
  • kV: 470
  • Pole count: 14
  • Frequency: 8kHz
  • Weight: 76g/99g including 350mm wires and connectors
  • Max. current draw: 14A
  • Recommended/Maximum voltage: 22.2-25.2V
Price: SGD$165.60