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Hirobo 0414-941 Eagle WC3 AOCC

Hirobo 0414-941 Eagle WC3 AOCC-1
Hirobo 0414-941 Eagle WC3 is a 90 class helicopter for F3C World Championships. It is flown by Hirobo's top pilot, Manabu Hashimo at the 2008 F3C Asia Oceanic Continental Championship (AOCC). It features Hirobo's SSZ-5 rotor head, a highly rigid carbon fiber precisely fabricated upper and lower split frame, EX carbon canopy and D3 high torque auto rotation clutch for maximum performance.

  • SSZ-5 rotor head
  • D3 5mm tail housing set
  • EX135-deg swashplate
  • E3 washout control arm
  • SSZ-5 slide block
  • SSZ-5 radius block
  • D3 high torque auto rotation clutch (Included)
  • EX cabin (carbon canopy) (Included)
  • F3C WC carbon main blade L=700 (Included)
  • WC carbon tail blade L=90 (Included)
  • EX main gear 95T

Hirobo 0414-941 Eagle WC3 AOCC-0
  • Fuselage length : 1,400mm
  • Fuselage width : 205mm
  • Total height : 460mm
  • Main rotor dia: 1,564mm
  • Tail rotor dia: 65mm
  • Gear ratio : 7.92:1:5.06
  • Weight : 4,700g
Hirobo 0414-941 Eagle WC3 AOCC-2
Hirobo 0414-941 Eagle WC3 AOCC-4
Hirobo 0414-941 Eagle WC3 AOCC-3
Hirobo 0414-941 Eagle WC3 AOCC-5

Required to fly:

  • Radio: 4 channels
  • Receiver
  • 90 size engine
  • Muffler 
  • Gyro system
  • Battery
  • Building Tools
Price: SGD$3,780.00