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Carbon Art - Redline Sky DVD

Carbon Art - Redline Sky DVD
Redline Sky is a high quality compilation DVD featuring a full two hours of exciting soaring films that all glider enthusiasts will enjoy. This all digital production features professional photography, a superb sound track, and beautiful design.

The first film on the DVD is Going the Distance, a documentary on the 2001 Open Class Nationals at Montague, California. You will experience up close the ground and flight action of the gorgeous open class planes as they fly the contest. Filmmaker Paul Naton takes you on a cross country flight in an ASH-25 which overflies 14K Mount Shasta.

The second film features extreme glider pilot Manfred Radius as he performs his stunning aerobatic routine at the Oregon International Air Show, finishing the flight with his scary inverted low level ribbon cut. He also flies his nighttime pyrotechnic show. This exclusive footage is worth the price of the DVD alone!
The late Neil Lawson, world famous British glider photographer, shares 75 examples of his outstanding work. The high resolution images were motion edited with new music from composer Erik Wollo for a truly beautiful look at the sport of soaring. 
Torrey Pines is one of the last coastal ridge soaring sites in the world and you will get to watch some radical flying during some strong spring wind conditions photographed by Jonathan Tappan. Pilots take their machines to just a few feet over the wave tops at close to redline before climbing back into the slope lift. Amazing and beautiful soaring action. Simply cool.

Bonus features on the DVD include a video tour of the National Soaring Museum and flight ops at Harris Hill, Kenny Price's daring low level ASK-21 akro flight, and some nice footage of the 200118m and Sports class Nationals. Redline Sky is one of the most entertaining and visually beautiful soaring DVDs available, and if you don't enjoy this film, you can return it, no questions asked. Runtime: 1 hour + 50 minutes.
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Price: SGD$34.80