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Tahmazo Pro.C A-15 Programmable ESC

Tahmazo Pro.C A-15 Programmable ESC
Tahmazo Pro.C (A Series) Electronic Speed Controllers are designed with a highly efficient switching system and are programmable easily with a program card. The built-in BEC (Battery Eliminator Circuit) allows the ESC’s battery to also supply power to the receiver and servos, eliminating the need for a separate battery to the receiver.

Product Features:

Programmable Functions
The A-Series ESCs feature a wide range of programmable functions such as brake (on/off), rotation (fwd/rev), timing, cutoff voltage, start (hard/soft) and frequency (8/16 kHz).

Safety Switch
To prevent accidental start of a connected motor, a safety switch is incorporated in the ESC unit. This switch cuts the power supplied to the motor when not required.

Safe Start Feature
This safety feature in the Tahmazo Pro.C ESC prevents the motor from running if the throttle stick is not at the lowest (OFF) position when the battery is first connected. It can help avoid any accidents that may occur with the sudden motor rotation.

Low Voltage Cutoff Feature
The voltage will be cut off at 65/67/69% (of the initial voltage measured when the battery pack is connected) to prevent the motor from drawing current continuously from the battery. This feature helps prevent damage done to the battery. Remaining power can be reserved for the receiver to control the servos to safely land the aircraft.

The built-in BEC cuts down the voltage of 6V-17V (equivalent to 2 to 4-cell) Li-Po battery packs to output at 5V. Tahmazo Pro.C A-30, A-40, A-50 and A-60 are able to supply 2.5A continuously, whereas A-15 can supply 1.5A continuously. 

  • Motor Type: Brushless
  • Input Voltage: 2-4 Cells LiPo, 6-12 Cells NiMH/NiCd
  • Max. Current: 15A
  • Max. Power: 250W
  • BEC: 5V/1.5A
  • No. of Servos: Up to 4 analog
  • Controller Pulse: 1500 ±500 micro-second
  • Program Functions: Brake ON / OFF; Forward/reverse rotation direction; 3 Timing settings (0/12/20°); 3 cut-off voltages (65/67/69%); Start (Hard/Soft);
    Frequency 8/16KHz
  • Dimensions: 33x7x23 mm
  • Weight: 15.0g

Tahmazo Pro.C A-Series Program Card-0
Tahmazo Pro.C A-Series ESC can be programmed easily with a program card (Optional, not included in package. Tahmazo A-50 ESC and NiCd battery are also not included, for illustration only).
Note: The ESC's brakes can be programmed using your transmitter without the need for the program card.

Price: SGD$45.00