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Hirobo SRB EC145 4B Painted (HESSEN POLIZEI / Germany) - 35/40MHz (0312-974)

Hirobo SRB EC145 4B Painted (HESSEN POLIZEI / Germany)-1

Hirobo SRB EC145 4B Logo
Was: $1921.28   Now: $1340.00
With Hirobo's unique development of the aileron and elevator gyro, the new S.R.B. 4B (4 blades rotor head) offers you a stable flying experience with a 4-blade mechanism used on a real helicopter.

Germany is a Federal Republic comprised of 16 states, and each state possesses it own independent army and police. The Hessen state police , well-known for Frankfurt, use the EC145 as a police helicopter. The functions of state police helicopters of course include air patrol, and they are also characterized by their rescue and emergency operations as one of their everyday work duties.
Hirobo SRB EC145 4B Painted (HESSEN POLIZEI / Germany)-2
Hirobo SRB EC145 4B Mechanical Assembly
  • It eliminates the need for the stabilizer that was previously required for a stable flight, improving the scale looking significantly.
  • It employs a thinner blades so as to represent better the actual equipment.
  • It realizes the same high stability and operability as the previous S.R.B. series while employing lightweight polystyrene (Styrofoam) blades.

Hirobo SRB EC145 4B Rotor Head
The New 4-Bladed Rotor Head for the S.R.B. EC145 4B.
Hirobo SRB EC145 4B Rotor Head-2

  • Fuselage length: 382/374mm
  • Fuselage width: 107mm
  • Overall height: 141mm
  • Main rotor diameter: 106mm
  • Overall weight: 230g (Unpainted) / 240g (Painted)
  • Gear ratio: Main blade 5.29:1
  • Max flight time: Approx 8-9 minutes*

* Actual flight time will depend on where the model is flown, and the condition of the battery and fuslage.


This package includes:

  • Semi-assembled kit with finished body
  • SRB SG control unit (version 1.2)
  • Servos
  • Motors
  • SRB 4B main blades x 3 sets
  • SRB tail blades x 4 sets
  • Blade balancer
  • Decals
  • Tools (screw driver, allen wrench)

Not included in package and sold separately:

  • Transmitter (35/40Mhz)
  • Crystal (35/40Mhz)
  • Lipo battery 11.1V 480mAh
  • Charger
  • Plastic model adhesive
Hirobo SRB EC145 4B-Securite-Civile-Video
Click on image and view the exciting flight video of the new 4-Bladed flybarless Hirobo SRB EC145 4B.
Price: SGD$1,340.00