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AxionRC I-15 Polikarpov RTF with 2.4GHz 4-Channel Radio (Mode 1)

AxionRC I-15 Polikarpov RTF with 2.4GHz 4-Channel Radio (Mode 1)
ICON-Special Offer 
This AxionRC I-15 Polikarpov RTF is a detailed semi-scale replica that comes almost assembled and flight-ready! It is made of lightweight Styrotech material for best flight performance. Package comes complete with 4-Channel 2.4GHz radio, 350mAh 3.7V battery and USB charger.

  • Wingspan: 500mm
  • Length: 315mm
  • Weight: 78g

RC Flying made Easy!

AxionRC has brought together several decades of R/C research and experience from R/C professionals, to create a wide range of ‘plug and play’ R/C models.

AxionRC models comes with professional R/C controller and servos and they are interchangeble in all AxionRC models. The R/C controller can be used with all the AxionRC models.

Easy to follow instructions with pictures and illustrations (made by R/C professionals) on how to assembly, check the controls and how to prepare for the first flight.

AxionRC Video Image
Check out the exciting flight videos of Axion RC models!
Price: SGD$177.47