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Tahmazo ER-180532d Brushless Motor

Tahmazo ER-180532d Brushless Motor
Tahmazo ER-180532d is a 3200kV motor with a outer diameter of 22mm. It can be powered by a single cell Li-Po battery with a 7x3.5 propeller. This motor is built with high quality material and designed to give you the maximum performance. The package comes with a back mount for the motor.

Size: C2205/24 
kV: 3200 
Shaft Diameter: 2mm  
Weight: 15.5g  
No Load Current: 5V/0.8A  
Working 2-5A  
Max Current: 7A  
Test Propeller: 7x3.5 (GWS)  
Test Current: 4.4A  
Test Voltage: 4V  
RPM: 7230  
Thrust: 115  
Internal Resistance: 0.124 ohm  
Recommended ESC:
The Tahmazo Pro.C SU-09 Speed controller has been developed for use with this motor.  It has an output of 9A, when used with a 1-cell 250mAh Li-Po battery. The SU-09 is also available in 2 versions: With and without Brakes.
Price: SGD$40.00