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Tahmazo Pro.C SU-09 ESC (With Brakes)

Tahmazo Pro.C SU-09 ESC (With Brakes)
The ultra-compact Tahmazo Pro.C SU-09 series employs a built-in Battery Eliminator Circuit (BEC) that can provide a step-up stable power supply of 5V to the servos or receiver battery from a 1-cell battery. This ESC is designed for its simple handling as no programming is required.

  • Motor Type: Brushless
  • Batttery: 1-cell LiPo
  • Max voltage: 4.2V
  • Max current: 9A
  • BEC type: Step-up
  • BEC output: 5V 0.5A continuous
  • Servos: Up to 2 small analogue
  • Control pulse: 1500+500u/sec
  • Dimensions:15.5x4x5.5mm
  • Weight: 6g

Note: The Tahmazo is also available in a No Brake version.

Current Rating: 9
Lipo: 1-2
Price: SGD$29.90