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Review of the Singahobby Phoenix EDF Jet


Content of the package 

The Phoenix comes in a square box with the wings already assembled and taped down to prevent any transportation damages. This canard EDF Jet is distinctively fashioned with vibrant translucent decals (to customise according to one's creativity). The ducted fan unit, speedcontroller, servos, and control surfaces are pre-installed and cables are nicely routed for connecting to the receiver and battery pack.

ELE Phoenix Review1Singahobby Phoenix EDF servos 
Here are the steps to put the Phoenix EDF together:
1. Glue the rudder into the pre-designated slot on the tail - I prefer to use Epoxy rather than cyanoacrylate for a strong bond
2. Connect the speedcontroller and 2 x servo leads onto the receiver
3. Connect the battery (included in the package) to the speedcontroller-input lead
Singahobby Phoenix EDF - review2Singahobby Phoenix Review3 
4. Affix the decals - I strongly recommend at least some decals to be put on, for better visibility of the orientation of the model in the air.
5. As the control surfaces are only on the wing, the radio system must have either V-tail mixing or elevon mixing. I am using the Futaba 6JG and employed Elevon mixing for the Phoenix. Final flight check  on control movements. I have found that a maximum aileron movement of 8mm from neutral position is sufficient, while more movement will require more careful flight control.
Singahobby Phoenix ReviewSingahobby Phoenix ReviewSingahobby Phoenix Review
The optional step will be to install 'canopy magnets' to the canopy of the Phoenix. Otherwise, taping the canopy will suffice (if you don't mind taping and untaping after each flight).
The preinstalled 40mm brushless motor EDF is able to propel the Phoenix on a light throw (at full throttle of course). I flew the model, with its centre of gravity about 45mm from the leading edge of the model as shown below.
Singahobby Phoenix Review
The Phoenix is a mini 520mm wing span, foam EDF, that is packed with a punch.
Reviewed by Fred