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RapidFix Dual Adhesive System

RapidFix Dual Adhesive System

High-strength bonds in seconds - Will Not Dry Out in Container - Dries Clear! So Strong You Can't Tear It Apart! The RapidFix combination of an instant adhesive plus a welding powder is an incredible tool that repairs almost anything. 'RapidFix' says It All... Job Done! Saves Time, Saves Money. Absolutely Amazing!

What is RapidFix?

RapidFix is an advanced polymer adhesive that can quickly - sometimes instantly - bond most materials to themselves or another material.

The welding powder is a complementary formulation that enables even stronger bonds, and can repair holes, cracks, and gaps. For some applications, the welding powder can even function like solder or traditional heat welding.

Areas treated with RapidFix can be filed, sanded, and painted almost immediately.  Fills Cracks, Gaps and Holes!

The results you see here are repeatable because RapidFix can bond most materials instantly, including:

  • Rubber
  • Glass
  • Copper
  • Aluminum 
  • Steel
  • Most Plastics

These images show how RapidFix can even repair a porous aluminum casting on a car’s water pump that has suffered a broken mount.:

RapidFix Dual Adhesive System-2
RapidFix Dual Adhesive System-3

The repair is simple:

  1. Saturate one side of the break with RapidFix
  2. Press the parts together and hold for a few moments
  3. Saturate the seam with RapidFix a second time
  4. Immediately add the welding powder
  5. Repeat steps #3-#4 around the joint
  6. Wipe off the excess welding powder
  7. You’re done!
RapidFix Dual Adhesive System-2
Click on the image to view the product demo video. Hundreds of Uses. Amazing Performance!
Price: SGD$28.00