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Jeti Model Max BEC 2D Voltage Regulator

Jeti Max Bec-2D Volatge Regulator - 1
The Jeti Model BEC 2D is a linear voltage regulator, to provide power for the receiver and servos used in your models. For increased safety and reliability of this device, a magnetic switch is used to switch the unit on and off. The Jeti Model BEC 2D is fully compatible with the Jeti Duplex System and can also be operated using the Jeti Box terminal.


Recommended input voltage:5.5 to 8.4V
Max. input voltage:16V
Number of inputs:2
Output voltage:5.0 to 6.0V
Pulsed current:20A
Sustained current:12A
Idle current:240mA
Max. Power loss:20W
Max. Temperature:130 degrees celcius


Jeti Max Bec-2D Volatge Regulator - 2
Jeti Duplex 2.4 GHz system
The innovative DUPLEX 2.4 GHz system by JETI Model for radio controlled models of all types working on the 2.4GHz band. Problems with interference and frequency control will be history, and operation on the 2.4GHz band will change your approach to radio control forever. In designing the DUPLEX system, Jeti Model's aim has always been to improve on what is offered by other radio control systems currently on the market. Jeti Model offer you very sophisticated equipment offering reliable – duplex – secure – digital transmission of information.
Jeti Diagram
Main advantages of the JETI Model 2.4 GHz DUPLEX System:
  • No crystals used – no frequency checks required
  • You do not have to buy a new transmitter
  • Easy and reliable binding of receivers to transmitters (you can use endless numbers of receivers with every transmitter)
  • High interference rejection provides safe operation - even in an interference rich environment
  • Digital data transmision ensures distortion free transfer of information to the model
  • Maximum safety
  • Can be used with all types of models (aircraft, boats, cars)
  • Two way communication between receiver and transmitter
  • Telemetric data transfer to the model operator in real time
  • High sensitivity of receivers and high output of transmitters ensures visibility limit range
  • Self-correcting coding of information
  • The DUPLEX system can handle up to 16 input channels with the use of two receivers
  • Two aerial receivers ensure continuous control of models in any position, and eliminate blind spots caused by signal reflection
  • Quality plotting of transmission channels and antenna position at start up, providing a low probability of transmission on busy or interference rich channels
  • Immediate response of the receiver output to changes in transmitter controls
  • Transmitter modules are fitted with an alarm triggered by the receiver in dangerous situations (low receiver battery voltage, poor reception, etc.)
  • The DUPLEX system provides simultaneous operation of more than one receiver on the same transmitter (listening-in)
  • Real time data display and easy programing using the JetiBox
  • Failsafe with adjustable time delay
  • Receiver outputs can be changed to match any transmitter channel input
  • All of the receivers allow the setting of mixers, servo reverse, ATV, servo slow for each output on the receiver, even with the simplest of transmitters
Price: SGD$140.70