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Manually control your brushless motor without a radio and receiver

Review-Manually control brushless motor 
Controlling the brushless motor manually without using a radio control system and with R/C equipment available from your regular R/C store

In the above configuration, you will be able to control the speed of the brushless motor manually by turning the knob on the servo driver, as long as you ensure that the servo driver knob is at the minimum when you power up the speedcontroller.

I also use a voltage regulator to power both the motor and servo driver, as the servo driver can be powered using 4.8-6.0v DC input.

The equipment that I have used are:

1. Topmodel Servo Driver

2. Tahmazo SVR3 voltage regulator

3. Tahmazo SVR3 2-cells connector

4. MGM Compro Easy-18 speedcontroller

5. Brushless motor - any brushless motor that you need to do the job