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Singahobby Helicopter Work Stand


Review - Singahobby Helicopter Work Stand

Singahobby Helicopter Work Stand-1

The helicopter work stand or ‘HWS’ features a telescopic structure (so that you may choose to either stand or sit while tuning on your helicopter), tray with adjustable height, helicopter mount that is fully adjustable in at all angles and fits 450-electric size to 90 size nitro helicopters. The stand is designed with a strong, widely extended and stable tripod legs support.

Singahobby Helicopter Work Stand-6

The helicopter work stand gives the modeler the ease to tune his model from almost all angles without having to reorganize the work desk. I have found it especially useful when I have to service the underside of the helicopter such as the helicopter engine or motor.

Singahobby Helicopter Work Stand-3

With the fully extended leg supports, the stand can safely mounts up to 90 size helicopter. It was used by many modelers at the recent IRCHA JAMBOREE 2009, Muncie-USA by many modelers.

Singahobby Helicopter Work Stand-2

At home, the helicopter work stand is also very useful. If servicing area is a constraint, the work stand is collapsible and stored away after servicing complete. If space is not a constraint, the stand can be used to display the “blink blink” helicopter for all to admire.

Singahobby Helicopter Work Stand-4
At the field, you will have the ease of working on your helicopter accustomed to your height and positioned at the best location at the field. Even if the ground is wet, the helicopter work stand will also keep your helicopter and electronics mounted high above the dampness of the ground.

 Singahobby Helicopter Work Stand-5Singahobby Helicopter Work Stand-7

The work tray that comes with the HWS is another great way of making good use of space.  All the tools, screws and dismantled parts during the servicing can be organized properly on the tray. No more losing of parts in the assembly of a helicopter.


Note: All helicopters and tools shown in pictures are for illustration purpose only, not included with the Singahobby Helicopter Work Stand.