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Tahmazo Pro.C Max 1812-3s ESC


Tahmazo Pro.C Max 1812-3s ESC is easy-to-program and delivers amazing performance for model aircrafts, boats, cars and helicopters. This ESC will deliver a continous current of 18A and maximum current of 22A. Its BEC will deliver a consistent current of 2A at 5.5v.

Each Pro.C Max speedcontroller is built-in with a very efficient switching BEC that delivers consistent power to the receiver without excessive loss of power - minimizes power 'wastage' and unnecessary heat being generated.

Other features include:

  • Safe Start Function prevents accidental propeller rotation until the speedcontroller is deliberately 'armed'
  • Thermal Protection Function(TFT) reduces the power output of the motor in steps when the speedcontroller heats up to exceeding 110 degrees
  • Signal Filter System(SFS) filters the receiver signal to ensure the correct receiver signal is received and prevents noise from interfering with the operation
  • Power Recovery Function (PRF) allows user to reset and recover the power when the throttle is moved to the minimum or 'low' position. This function will allow user to recover the power after the speedcontroller cuts off due to extreme temperature or low voltage while in flight
  • 3 levels of brake settings
  • Store last flight data such as Max RPM and Average RPM
  • Different settings are available for model aircraft, helicopter and car/boat

Pro.C Max speedcontroller can be programmed using either the transmitter or the Pro.C Max LCD programming box.

Tahmazo Pro.C Max 1812-3s ESC


Continuous Current(A)
Maximum Current(for 15sec)    
BEC Voltage,Current
5.5v, 2A
Switching Frequency
No. of Nicad/NiMh cells
No. of Li-Ion/Li-Po cells
Internal Resistance(Ohm)

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Current Rating: 18
NiCd/NiMH: 6-12
Lipo: 2-4
DESC4: 5.5
Price: SGD$57.70